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 So ...? Who the fxck is ALIZ …?

If Metallica and Massive Attack had a child it would be "I Am ALIZ".

After the release of his last German-language album "iSTAR: Durch die Nacht", Amandas Nadel decided to reorient himself and to turn his back on the German language for the time being. The result "DEAD: Seals Of Separation" is English-speaking industrial, which one can rightly call a very successful amalgamation of metal in the best tradition of the "Black Album" and the eclectic heaviness of the Bristol icon of the 1990s. Energetic guitar riffs, inspired by Metallica and contemporary Djent greats like Periphery, mixed with trip-hop-like beats and electronic elements Amandas creates a very unique and authentic form of industrial metal, which never sets itself limits and in style Steven Wilson's finally unabashedly sensitive rock tones. Anyway ... Amandas is at his best when he's Aliz.